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7 important tools in 2023 that you must install on your computer if you use Facebook

Are you one of those who have complained about some things missing from the Facebook platform? If so, it’s because you know the experience can be improved in some way. For example, wouldn’t you like the ability to download videos and entire Facebook albums? Well, from now on it will be possible because here we are going to talk about some tools that will improve your Facebook experience by 1000%.

The tools can be found on the Facebook Enhancement Suite website. It provides you with practical, secure, and free Facebook extensions for daily work, business, and whatever you want. Basically, a dream with her has come true for many.

7 important tools in 2023 that you must install on your computer if you use Facebook

1- New for Facebook

Ever wanted to hide the “Seen” feature in Facebook chat and Messenger from your friends? If so, this extension gives you the following and more:

– The “Watch” function is prohibited

– “Write…” indicator

Install this software extension and when you use Facebook Messenger on your desktop browser, the app will completely remove the “You saw the message” feature. Your friends will never know if you have read their messages or not.

2- Remove Reels for Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool because it lets you share, interact, and explore. However, sometimes the user experience completely loses its full potential. This is thanks to the suggested set of pulleys or poles that get in the way.

That’s why Remove Reels for Facebook will allow you to unleash the full potential of Facebook. Because it is a tool capable of getting rid of unnecessary suggestions and simplifying the interface.

The main features of the extension include: deleting reels, suggestions for you, birthday reminders, and notifications.

3- Show all comments on Facebook

Now you won’t have to click the All Comments button every time you want to read comments, because now you know about the existence of this tool. We know that Facebook is a platform where people interact and interact with other people’s posts.

It allows you to comment on someone’s post, and you can see other comments when people comment on your post. However, Facebook uses a comment sorting feature where, instead of showing you all comments, it filters comments based on relevance. If you are tired of these types, you can use this extension to solve this problem because it will show you all the comments.

4- Display ID for Facebook

With this extension, you can easily find the ID of any Facebook user. You just need to install it and reload the Facebook tab.

After that, you will find the user’s Facebook ID on their profile. You can copy it very easily. It is very easy to use.

5- Download albums for Facebook

Ever wanted to download all the photos from your Facebook albums? If so, this extension will allow you to download all photos from albums or a single Facebook group.

6- Export messages for Facebook

This extension allows you to bulk export all posts from all calendars, pages, and groups.

Unlike the tools provided by Facebook, this extension gives you the ability to export other people’s data.

You can import the exported posts to other platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, or you can use these posts for data analysis.

7- Download videos for Facebook

This extension allows you to download all videos from Facebook, even videos and stories.

Even better, you can download them from anywhere and in HD quality. This will be very useful when creating content.

Which of these tools do you think will improve your Facebook experience? We all liked them because they cover different needs. Be sure to try them out and judge for yourself.


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