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4 Android developments announced by Google at CES 2023

Like every year, Google did not miss its appointment in Las Vegas with CES 2023 and took the opportunity to present some of the novelties and changes that will soon arrive on Android. The company showcased upcoming changes to various services and apps on the Android platform, including Android Auto, Google Play, Waze, and more.

Some modifications are already available to users, but others will take some time to arrive. We’ll go over everything Google announced at the recent CES conference in Las Vegas.

4 Android developments announced by Google at CES 2023

1- The new Android Auto, now available to everyone

It’s been a long wait, but finally, Google has officially announced the release of the new version of Android Auto with a completely renewed interface known as “Coolwalk”.

This interface offers a design more in line with Android 12 and 13 and adds important new features such as multi-window mode, full-screen support for certain applications, and a quick access bar for your most used applications.

In addition, the new version of Android Auto has an interface that is better suited to different types of car screens, regardless of size or shape.

However, the new design isn’t the only thing that comes with this version of Android Auto. Now Google Assistant will show smart suggestions, missed call reminders, time left to reach a destination, or quick access to music and podcasts. Likewise, those with a Pixel or Samsung phone will be able to make Google calls through Android Auto.

2- More Android news in vehicles

Google took the opportunity to show off further updates to its vehicle-focused services. For example, Waze will soon be available in more Android Automotive-based cars, and a new high-resolution Google Map will soon appear in models like the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3.

Support for services such as Tubi and MGM+ is also announced so you can enjoy series and movies on your car screen while charging, as well as YouTube to watch videos from our favorite creators.

Finally, Google announced a deal with more automakers to bring Android Automotive to more car companies like Honda or Ford.

3- Car keys, coming soon to your Samsung or Xiaomi phone

Although it is already possible to get the digital keys of certain car models from brands such as BMW on your mobile phone, the function of sharing this type of key with other people is an exclusive function of Pixel devices.

However, that is about to change, as key sharing is coming to Samsung phones, and by the end of the year, it will be the same for Xiaomi devices.

4- Spotify Connect support on Android

Android 13 introduced a renewed media player on the lock screen and the system notification panel, which, in addition to a beautiful design, includes the possibility of quickly selecting the device on which you want to play the sound (headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or the mobile phone itself, as well as Chromecast-enabled devices).

Also, the option to play content on Spotify Connect devices will be added soon.


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