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How to make pottery

Pottery making methods

handcraft pottery

The process of making pottery is done through the hand, and it can be made using clay, where clay and water are mixed with each other, then lower the temperature of the mixture, and get rid of the excess water, so pottery models are placed in the hand, and through the fingers of the hand, especially the thumb, pottery is formed, and it spread This method was used by the Japanese, as flat plates were used so that rectangular bowls were made on them, through the use of albumen clay as an adhesive. monolithic, then the sides are flattened to obtain the final coherent shape, and this method has been used to manufacture many beautiful utensils since ancient times.

How to make pottery

pottery wheel

Pottery is made by bringing rolled clay and then polishing it so that this clay is shone through a wheel, this wheel was used in Egypt since about 4000 BC, where it is formed by this tool and with the help of the human hand, and this piece is also decorated Then put it to dry before entering it into the kiln. The amount of heat that the pottery needs depend on the quantity and number of paint used in the industry. These two types give colors to pottery, such as orange, red, and black.

pottery patterns

There are types of pottery that have been made since ancient times, including the following:

  • Geometric Pottery: This pottery is made based on various geometric shapes, and it is one of the oldest methods in which pottery was made, as it was made 700-900 BC.
  • Corinthian pottery: This pottery is made by adopting the Corinthian drawing, which contains drawings in the form of animals, and was made by Asians, as its manufacture dates back to the seventh and eighth centuries BC.
  • Red and Black Pottery: This pottery was called red or black, due to the color of the numbers inscribed on this pottery, as it was made in Athens in 480 BC.


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