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How to learn programming

Programming and its languages

Programming is writing code, that is, a set of commands, which are translated and executed by a computer or any other electronic device. A computer program consists of a set of commands that determine the behavior of the program and its mechanism of action.

The so-called programming languages ​​are used in the programming process, which is a special language used by programmers to develop software, scripts, or other things that can be executed on a computer. Examples of programming languages ​​(C, Java, and Python.)

How to learn programming

Classification of programming languages ​​by level

Programming languages ​​can be divided into two parts, high-level programming languages, and low-level programming languages. Both types differ from each other in that the former is more abstract than the latter in terms of the tasks it provides, through easier syntax structures, as high-level programming languages ​​are easier than lower-level languages, so it is recommended to start with them when Learning to program.

Low-level programming languages ​​usually provide more control over a computer, such as the ability to manage memory and data. Machine code and assembly language are the two lowest level languages ​​among other programming languages. It is built on the basis of passing commands directly to the computer.

Classification of programming languages ​​by purpose of use

Programming languages ​​can be divided according to the purpose of their use. You will find programming languages ​​dedicated to programming websites. These languages ​​are considered one of the easiest and simplest programming languages, they are suitable for beginners. These two languages ​​are used for programming web pages, and there are other languages ​​such as JavaScript which are used to program web browsers and modify pages continuously and directly. In addition to these languages, there is Python, which can be used in server programming, as well as the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) language.

There are programming languages ​​that can be used in the programming of mobile applications, including Java, which is the basic language for programming applications for the Android operating system, and its counterpart Swift developed by Apple, which is used to program iOS applications. JavaScript can also be used for mobile application programming.

Office applications can be programmed using several languages, including Java, and one of its advantages is the ability to use the same application on multiple operating systems there is (C# language), which enables the programmer to develop applications that contain interfaces and windows specific to the Windows operating system. Swift can also be used to program desktop applications for Mac.

For video game programming, some languages ​​can be used as C#, which is supported by the Unity game engine that supports the development of two-dimensional and three-dimensional games, and this engine also allows the development of games for different operating systems. The Java language has some libraries that can be used for game programming, such as the open-source "LibGDX" library. Haxe can also be used to program two-game games quickly and easily, as this language can be integrated into other programming languages ​​such as C++ and Java. JavaScript can also be used to program games that are playable on web browsers.

There are other languages ​​that have specific uses, and one of these languages ​​(R language) is specialized in data mining, in addition to analyzing it and performing various calculations on it. This language can also be considered as an alternative to MATLAB, which has a high licensing cost. It can be used (Python) to perform operations on data, and it can also be used to write scripts.

How to learn to program

When starting to learn to program, it is necessary for a person to learn the language that serves his goals, for example, if a person wants to learn programming to build websites, he must learn one of the languages ​​designated for that, and it is also recommended to start learning simple high-level programming languages, which are Python and Ruby is one of the two simple object-oriented programming languages, and these two languages ​​can also be used in developing web applications.

It is recommended to read some simple lessons for different programming languages, and then choose the most convincing language, after which the person tests and experiments with this language. When starting to learn a programming language, the learner should go to the basic principles of the programming language before learning more complex matters. Among some of the basic principles in most programming languages ​​are variables, and conditional statements, the most famous of which is the “if-then” statement. They are small programs that are embedded in a large program, which he can take advantage of to build more complex programs.

One of the basics of programming languages ​​is also the methods for entering data into the program in addition to its output, and examples of methods for entering data are the keyboards, through a file, or any other means, and for data output so that User benefits, can be printed on the screen.

After choosing the language to be learned, any program that this language requires is installed on the programmer's device, such as integrated development environments (IDEs), which are text-editing programs that contain an Interpreter or Compiler for the programming language. After that, the first program is written, and "Hello World" is one of the most popular simple programs that are taught to beginners, as the program just prints the phrase "Hello World" on the screen.

Tips when learning to code

It is highly recommended to continue programming on a daily basis, and it is also recommended to look at some examples online of the programming language being learned. the learner must examine the manner the language is written, as every language differs in the way it's far written. The programmer can do experiments by modifying the program's source code and trying to fix any errors that may occur during that, as this will greatly benefit him when learning the language.

When facing any difficulties or problems, it is possible to seek help from experts or to read the codes to learn from them. It is possible to resort to the specialized forums in the programming language in which they are known and ask questions in it. This may help to strengthen programming skills by learning logic and arithmetic, in addition to reading various programming books, and it is also possible to take educational courses at one of the institutes or universities.


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