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Marriage traditions in Iraq

Marriage traditions

Searching for the bride

The groom’s family searches for a suitable bride for their son, and when they find the required specifications in a girl, they go to her family’s house, in order to see the bride and apply to her, and then the bride’s family begins to ask about the groom, and when the bride’s family agrees to the groom, they communicate with them in order to show approval Then, the groom’s family and the bride’s family set a specific date for the day of the drink, or what is known as the walker.

Marriage traditions in Iraq
Marriage traditions in Iraq

Drinking day

On this day, the groom’s friends and relatives gather at the groom’s house, then they go together to the bride’s house, and the bride’s father and her relatives receive them, in preparation for asking for the bride’s hand, and asking for her hand is mediated by an old man from the groom’s family, and upon the approval of the bride’s family, her father says to the groom’s family (We are honored by you), and this means that the approval of the marriage process took place, after which drinks and juices are provided, and at the end of the day the groom’s and the bride’s family set a date to go out and buy gold, as the bride and groom go out to buy all the wedding supplies and gold, and the dowry is determined on this day From the people of the groom and the people of the bride.

Dowry on the day of the engagement

After the marriage contract, the groom’s family comes to the bride’s house, bringing with them the sheik to perform the marriage contract, and then the bride and her colleagues are in another room, and on that day the bride wears a white galabiya and puts her feet inside a bowl in which despair is planted, and a quantity of water while holding her for some Cardamom pods, then the Attar tray consisting of seven aromatic materials, sweets, cups of sugar, and candles is placed next to the bride, and the Holy Qur’an is placed in front of her.

A piece of white cloth is placed on the bride’s head, carried by two unmarried girls, then the groom comes after her, kisses the bride’s head and wears it in gold, then the party for women begins, the bride changes and many dresses are changed, and after that day the groom and bride start buying the bedroom and home furniture.

brush day

On this day, the bride’s family goes to the groom’s house, carrying the bride’s things and her clothes with them, and they spread the bedroom with the groom’s family. They also spread white mattresses on the newlyweds’ bed, sprinkle money and roses on it, and put a doll in the form of a child on the bed; This is in order for the grooms to have children and righteous offspring, and then the women start dancing and having fun.

henna day

Usually, henna is held on the day before the wedding day, when the bride’s friends and relatives gather in her house, and the bride wears many galabiyas, and a tray with candles, henna, and roses is placed in front of her. Then, henna is distributed to the invitees so that they can bend their hands.

Wedding day

The wedding day is usually on Thursday when the bride goes to the hairdresser in the morning, and when she finishes putting on her makeup, she wears her white dress, then the groom comes at night with his friends and family to the house of the bride’s family accompanied by the music of the wedding and the Iraqi drum, in addition to singing songs.


The bride’s sisters and mother take the bride’s breakfast to her home, which is made up of honey, Kemer, kahi, all kinds of cheese, all kinds of jams, tea, juices, and cake.


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