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Learn about the largest and most famous fountain in the world

The largest fountain in the world

The Musical Fountain in Dadaepo Beach, located in South Korea, is the largest fountain in the world, according to the latest Guinness World Records statistic, with a height of 2,519 m², and a water pumping height of 55 m. Before Sahag’s office in Busan,  it is considered one of the smart fountains whose synchronous pumping has been combined with music with high accuracy, using specific programs by professionals, so that most of the fountains control the height of the pumping, by sound or frequency, and this process requires a long time and cost High.

Learn about the largest and most famous fountain in the world

One of the most famous fountains in the world

There are many exciting artistic fountains, which add elegance, and make the water more beautiful than it really is, most notably:

  • The Rainbow Fountain: It is the tallest fountain in the world, extending over an area of ​​1,140 m, and is located on the edges of Banpo Bridge, which is located south of Seoul. Water in colors emits in arcs, down into the river.
  • The Fountain of Wealth: It won the title of the largest fountain in the world by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998, until 2009, after the Musical Fountain in South Korea won the largest in the world.
  • The Dubai Fountain: The tallest dancing fountain in the world, with a height of more than 274.32 m, and consists of five circular rings of different sizes, and two arcs, each containing holes for pumping water. It is located on a lake in front of the Burj Khalifa, It is a musical fountain as its design features 50 full-color projectors, 25 projectors, in addition to more than 6,600 lights, which together create a visual system of more than 1,000 different water expressions, and the water pump in the fountain reaches more than 83,279 liters Almost in the air.
  • The Bellagio Fountains: It is an attractive and dancing musical fountain, and it is considered one of the best and most famous in Las Vegas. It was built with the aim of entertaining and fun for visitors, as it presents daily shows in which more than 30 songs are shown so that there are no fees.
  • The Jet d'Eau Fountain: A tourist attraction dating back to the nineteenth century, it was erected by chance, as it was built as a station to pump water from the Rhone River to important machines for the city's industries and trade, as it is powered by water. The increase in pressure led to the emission of water into the air, as the craftsmen had to stop the pumps as quickly as possible, as a valve was installed to control later, and because of that technical error, it became a tourist attraction, and the fountain was reconstructed on the beach and made some modifications, as the height of Pumping water to 140m, and emitting 500 liters per second at a speed of 200km/h. It is a unique and prominent landmark, symbolizing the city's vitality and aspirations, which is a sign of its prestigious international position.
  • Crown Fountain: Designed by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, in Chicago, it was built by the international architectural firm, Krueck and Sexton Architects. , as the fountain contains water, light, glass, and others, which made it a unique place, and a prominent reflection point, as it was not originally built in this way, and the surface area of ​​the fountain land was built using matte black granite, which led to its appearance It is opaque and spacious, and the ground is covered with reflective shoals of length up to 70.7 m and a width of approximately 14.6 m, which creates a wide reflection area that attracts the attention of visitors, and in 2017, it underwent many modifications, as video screens were installed to improve its techniques has now become a place for visitors and families to enjoy in the summer.
  • The Scioto Mile Fountain: It is located in Columbus, and it was built for people to enjoy, with an area of ​​approximately 1393.55 square meters, and it was supported by lighting and the most modern effects, as it contains more than 1,000 taps. To pump water, the height of water pumping in it reaches a length of 22.86 m in the air.
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