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What is the importance of inventions in our lives?


According to the intermediate dictionary, the word invention means invention, innovation, or creation of something.

Man resorts to inventions for several reasons, the most prominent of which is need.

Hence, the saying “need is the mother of invention ” arose.

The person or society as a whole may go through difficulties and challenges that ultimately force him to invent in order to overcome these challenges.

The ways to access inventions are many and varied. The invention may be accessed after the progress of science and the arrival of new discoveries, and the DNA fingerprint is one of the most prominent inventions that have been accessed in this way. Another way to access inventions is through trial and error, and the development of previous inventions, and some inventions may be reached through accidents or mistakes.

What is the importance of inventions in our lives?
What is the importance of inventions in our lives?

The impact of inventions on human life

No sane person can deny the fact that inventions have greatly changed human life in various fields, and among the most prominent inventions that have had an impact on human life are the following:

  • The compass: Since its invention by the Chinese in the period between the ninth and eleventh centuries, the compass has facilitated the navigation process for mariners, as they were in the past followed the stars when they traveled, and they were facing difficulties during that, as this method was not Effective during the day or when there are clouds in the sky at night.
  • The printing machine: This German invention, which was invented in the fifteenth century, made the process of writing and copying books an easy process. Nearly half a million books have spread around the world within 60 years of the invention of this machine.
  • The telephone: This invention has had a great impact in the field of communications, thanks to which the communication process has become a quick and easy process, and it is a means of entertainment in addition to being very important in many areas. This invention is the seed from which other inventions such as the cell phone and even the Internet have sprouted.
  • The lamp: The lamp has changed human life dramatically and made it more productive; His work is not limited to the morning shift, but he is able to work at night as well. This is due to the presence of the illumination it needs.
  • The World Wide Web: It is a group of computer networks connected to each other, the aim of which at the beginning was to connect computers located in different universities and used for the purpose of researching each other. The World Wide Web is now used by millions of people around the world for various purposes.
  • Calculators: After being invented by the Japanese, this small machine facilitated many arithmetic operations for workers in various fields; Students and engineers no longer have to memorize complex equations.
  •  Airplane: Perhaps the plane has greatly facilitated travel and mobility, which previously required months to travel short distances, but with the plane, this time was shortened to only a few hours to travel large distances.

The most prominent inventors throughout history

Many inventors who contributed to changing the world with their innovations have passed through history, and the most prominent of these inventors are:

  • Nikola Tesla: This Serbian inventor in the nineteenth century contributed to the development of alternating current, which is currently used in all countries of the world; Through his invention of an engine powered by this current, he also invented the so-called Tesla coil, which is used to transmit electricity wirelessly.
  • Thomas Edison: This scientist has great credit for inventing many inventions, and his most notable inventions are the electric lamp and the phonograph.
  • The Wright Brothers: These two brothers were able to prove that humans can fly; By inventing the first aircraft capable of flying in the air.
  • Benjamin Franklin: He made the most prominent discovery of the world, which is electricity; By attaching a key to a kite and then flying it through the air during a thunderstorm, Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove. 
  • Alexander Bell: Alexander Bell is best known for inventing the first practical telephone.
  • Galileo: In 1609 AD, this astronomer was able to invent a telescope that could see very long distances. 
  • Tim Berners Lee: He is one of the inventors of the modern era; Where he developed the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is used to transfer various files over the World Wide Web. 

Inventions that harm human life

Many inventions have positively changed human life; However, other inventions have greatly damaged human life, to the extent that a good number of them have claimed the lives of many people. Among the inventions that have negatively affected human life are the following:

  • Cigarettes: The multiple harms of cigarettes are not hidden from most people; It was invented in the ninth century as a religious ritual, and now it exposes its users to severe addiction, in addition to containing chemicals harmful to the smoker and those around him.
  • Nuclear fission: Nuclear fission is used to generate energy; Where this process is a good source for the production of large quantities of energy, but it has been wrongly exploited in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, which has claimed and may kill many people.
  • Alcoholic beverages: These drinks are harmful to the body, gilding the mind, and they lead to crimes; The Encyclopedia Britannica has proven that most cases of sexual abuse against incest (such as a sister, mother, or daughter) fell under the influence of these drinks and that they have many other harmful effects, and that is why God Almighty prohibited them in the Qur’an and Sunnah, even in small quantities.
  • Tetraethyl lead: Lead was added to fuel to improve the performance of engines in addition to being cheap, but this compound is very toxic to living organisms and the environment; Where it causes lead poisoning in humans; Which greatly affects the human brain and nervous system.


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