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How to make a youtube channel

Make a YouTube channel

A user who has a Google account can create a YouTube channel through the browser or through the application by following the following steps:

  • Log in to YouTube using the user's Google account through a computer, one of the Internet browsers available on the user's phone, or through the application.
  • Click on the Profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose your channel option from the dropdown list.
  • Optionally modify the user's first and last name, then click the Create Channel button.
  • Enter the new channel by clicking on the profile icon, then choosing your channel option.

How to make a youtube channel
How to make a youtube channel

Create a business YouTube channel

It is possible to create a YouTube channel for business, and a brand account must be used to create this channel, however, the user can manage it through his personal account on Google, and this channel can contain multiple managers or owners, and the channel is created by following the following instructions:

  • Log in to YouTube from a computer or using a mobile browser.
  • Go to the user's channel list by clicking on the following link: Click here.
  • Choose to create a New Channel, or use your existing Brand Account as follows:
  1. Create a new channel by clicking on the Create a new channel option.
  2. Create a YouTube channel for the brand account by clicking on the Brand Account option from the menu, and if the desired brand account has an old YouTube channel, the user will not be able to create a new channel, and he will be transferred to that channel.
  • Fill in the details to name the new channel and verify the account, then click on Done.

The goal of creating a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel can be created to upload videos and create playlists through the use of a computer or mobile phone. The user must have a Google account to create a YouTube channel. The user can also create a personal YouTube channel or a working channel and can earn money from YouTube channels By integrating the channel's videos with advertisements or using the channel to promote other content, among other means.

Ideas for creating a YouTube channel

Here is a list of some of the most popular YouTube video content, which is very popular:

  • Vlogging to capture moments from everyday life.
  • Displaying new products through the unboxing method.
  • Reviews (Reviews) talk about the products or services that the creator likes or repeats.
  • Video games.
  • Tutorials.
  • Musical performances to show special talent.
  • Cooking to share a user's favorite recipes.
  • Travel to explore the world.
  • Education to share what the user knows.
  • Comedy to make viewers laugh.
  • Lifestyle tips to help viewers solve common problems.
  • Animation, to share the love of filmmaking.
  • News to comment on the current situation.
  • Dogs, cats, and more, to connect with other animal lovers.
  • Programs about beauty and cosmetology.
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