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Different ways of marriage in the world

Different ways of marriage

There are many methods of marriage spread among the world’s peoples and tribes, which depend on a set of customs and traditions specific to each tribe and people of these peoples. The following is information on a group of marriage methods spread in the world:

Different ways of marriage in the world

Marriage in China

Many customs are spread in China for marriage, and the strangest of them is the custom of hiding the bride. Where the engagement between the spouses takes place in a group of Chinese regions in secret. That is, the suitor does not see his fiancĂ©e, but rather decorates the bride through her family and places her inside a room, and locks her in it. Then the groom takes the key that opens the door of the room to see the bride, and if he loves her, he takes her with him to his house, and if she does not like her, he leaves her with her family. . Among the Chinese Tibetan tribes, there is a strange method of marriage. Where the bride climbs a high tree, and whoever wants to marry her has to climb this tree, but the bride’s family is standing at the bottom of the tree and trying to prevent the young man who wants to marry her from reaching her using sticks, and if he manages to climb the tree and reach the bride, he can marry her and gain confidence in her family.

Marriage in Indonesia

Some Indonesian tribes forbid the bride to walk on the ground on her wedding day; Therefore, her father is forced to carry her from her home to her husband’s house, no matter the distance. There is also a tradition on the island of Java, located in Indonesia, where the tradition of the bride coloring her teeth using black on her wedding day also spreads, and she also has to wash her husband’s feet to indicate her willingness to always obey and serve him.

Marriage in India

Marriage ceremonies in India are distinguished by their influence on the rituals prevailing there. Where the celebration of the distribution of sweets and gifts between the families of the groom and the bride, and often the celebration of the Indian wedding begins with a party inside the house of the bride's family before the main wedding ceremony; Where the bride is adorned with jewels, but on the wedding day the newlyweds put wreaths of roses around their necks; In order to signify the bride's acceptance of marriage to the groom.

Marriage in Japan

The bride in Japan wears a white kimono and puts a covering on her head. According to Japanese beliefs, the bride is covered with a white veil; In order to hide her jealousy towards her mother, and to confirm her agreement to be an obedient wife, then the bride and groom drink the traditional sake drink so that it is evidence of their union together.

Marriage in Jamaica

Marriage in Jamaica is characterized as a communal celebration; That is, most of the village's residents participate in it, so everyone gathers to plan the wedding, the bride wears the traditional white dress at the wedding, and the groom wears a tree-style suit. Cakes are baked on the day of the wedding, and married women wear white dresses, carry sweets with them, and head to the wedding venue, and a reception is usually held near the groom's house in a place made of roses and coconut branches.

 Marriage in Germany

Preparation for marriage in Germany begins early in a person's life and is based on a tradition associated with the birth of a child; Where a group of trees is planted at the girl’s mother, and these trees are sold with a specific date for her marriage, and the idea of ​​this tradition is to use the money collected from the price of trees as a dowry for the girl, and the wedding in Germany includes three sections, namely:

  • The first day: The day the couple celebrates in the banquet hall inside the city.
  • The second day: is the celebration that brings neighbors and friends together, and relies on a tradition characterized by breaking old dishes; In order to bring good luck.
  • The third day: is the religious celebration that depends on the presence of a girl carrying roses and accompanying the bride; Even roses are scattered in front of her to bring good luck to her and the groom.

Marriage in Cuba

While people go to attend the wedding in Cuba, they are keen to dance and play music on their way, but the wedding dress must be extravagant to be considered the best, usually embroidered from satin or silk, and the men who participate in the dance hang during the ceremony the money in the bride's dress using pins; In order to help the couple pay for their honeymoon.

Marriage in Norway

At the wedding ceremony in Norway, the bride wears a white wedding dress, decorated with gold and silver, and wears a crown of gold on her head, and it contains a set of small rings that ring according to one of the customs prevalent in Norway; Her musical voice helps the bride escape evil spirits, the groom wears a traditional wool suit called bundas, and the Norwegian wedding cake is made of bread covered with cream and cheese.

Marriage in America

Marriage in America is distinguished by its diversity of ceremonial traditions; Because of the spread of many cultures in American society, most aspects of the American wedding ceremony are often of European nature, and one of the traditions of American weddings is to throw the wedding bouquet to one of the men or attend the participants in the ceremony.


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