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Customs and traditions around the world

Customs and traditions

There are many customs and traditions around the world that have become an integral part of the culture and life of people and have transformed from mere ideas and opinions to fixed foundations that cannot be changed, transcended, modernized, developed, or abandoned. The following is information on the most important customs and traditions spread by the scientist:

Customs and traditions around the world

Bondo customs

The Bondo tribes belong to the Indian tribes and live in the Orissa region. Among the Bondo customs, women work in the fields and make jewelry and tools. As for the men, they are interested in deer hunting. One of the common traditions of the Bondo tribes is that it is a shame for a man to die as a result of a disease or a certain accident, but rather He must die while fighting him in battle.

Akha tribe customs

The Akha tribe is one of the northern Thai tribes, and one of their customs is for women to wear skirts decorated with ribbons and metal, and to put a cover on the head made of silver balls decorated with a set of coins, and beads of various colors. Another tradition is not to use this tribe for writing; Where they interpret this based on an ancient legend that tells that their texts were written on the skins of bulls, and in one of the wars they encountered, the invaders ate these skins.

Baobab traditions The

Baobab tribes are spread 150 km from Australia, and they live in the province of Baobab, New Guinea. The traditions of marriage are among the most common customs and traditions that still prevail among these tribes; They consider marriage a form of commerce, and it depends on prices, supply and demand. For example, if the bride price is $240, half of the amount is paid in cash, and the other half uses seashells.

The customs of the Tasadae tribe

The Tasadai tribe was not known before 1967 AD; Where they are classified from the tribes that belong to the prehistoric period and were discovered by a hunter who belongs to the Belit tribe, and one of the common customs of the Tasadai tribe is not to kill animals to eat them; Because they consider them to be their friends, and for their meat, they depend only on fishing, and they also avoid eating the eggs of birds that live with them.

bone dance

The bone dance is a strange and widespread tradition in Madagascar. It relies on extracting the bones of the dead from their graves, dancing using them, and preparing for the grand banquet on this occasion, and the relatives of the dead talk with his bones; In order to ask her about the events that he has experienced since his death, there is also a belief among the population that on the day of the celebration the souls of the dead meet with the souls of the living.

fly foal

Spread among a group of Chinese tribes the use of flies as a dowry for marriage; The bride’s family asks the groom’s family to collect a number of flies from the waste collection areas, and sprinkle sweets on the trees so that they can catch flies, and use it later as a dowry for marriage. The groom also has to eat the dish of flies that he caught in front of the bride.

Cheese Festival

The Cheese Festival is one of the festivals spread in England, and this tradition belongs to the Romans and depends on the use of a large piece of cheese weighing about 7 kg, and this piece is rolled by throwing it from a high mountain, and the contestants run after it, and whoever can reach the rolling piece of cheese wins it.

giraffe woman

The giraffe woman is commonly found in Burma; where women put copper rings on their necks; So that every woman appears that she has a long neck, and this custom is one of the beauty habits prevalent in the state of Kayah; Where the copper rings contribute to the pressure on the rib cage area; Which leads to the appearance of the neck with a length greater than its actual length, and this habit begins among women from the age of five years.

Marriage traditions in India

A kind of marriage tradition spreads in India, which depends on the girl choosing the right man in order to marry him; By hitting him with a stick on his head and back, and the man who is able to withstand the beating is the one who is considered suitable for marriage, and the Indian Toda tribe has a tradition of marriage for girls; Where the bride is forced to crawl on her knees and hands to reach her groom, then the groom puts his foot on the bride's head to bless her.

Wedding Traditions in Germany

There are several traditions of weddings in Germany, including the meeting of the families of the bride and groom, their relatives, and their friends at the newlyweds' home after the end of the wedding; until they break many pots, plates, and cups inside the house, and the bride and groom must clean up the remains of the cracking; So that they learn the necessity of self-reliance in their married life.

tomato war

The tomato war is a widespread tradition in the city of Valencia, one of the cities in Spain. Many people gather in the squares and roads; In order to prepare for the beginning of the tomato war, in which large quantities of tomatoes are used, and people beat each other in it, and after the end of the war, all participants gather together to eat.


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