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Bird hunting methods

birds hunting

There are many ways that are used to hunt birds in order to eat them, take their feathers, or hunt them without killing them for the purpose of decoration and enjoying their beautiful sound; Like the goldfinch, the process of hunting birds requires a long time and the necessary tools must be provided for this, and the birds must be hunted away from residential neighborhoods and in a quiet place where there are many birds.

Bird hunting methods

Bird hunting methods

In this article, we will talk about many ways to hunt birds that are easy to use for all types of birds, and there are many ways to hunt birds, including:

net bird hunting

You must bring a bird with a good voice that can sing well, preferably the same type of bird that you want to catch, and bring a fishing net and preferably the same color as the soil on which the net will be installed, bring a female of the same type of bird that you want to hunt and train her to stand on The stick, and bring another female to tie her near the net, and set up the net, preferably double netting, then put it on the ends of the net on which the bird to be hunted will stand, and bring the female bird and tie it near the net, put the other female on the stick in the middle of the net, and hide nearby, and place the plane that will sing to the male away at a distance of seven meters from the net, then wait until the bird you want to catch comes until it approaches the tethered female bird With the stick and when it descends on the net, quickly pull the net, catch the bird and do not keep it for a long time in the net so that it does not suffocate.

Make a hunting trap

Bring a wooden box and put an iron cage on top of it and make a door or a corridor that the bird can pass through so that it can be opened from the outside and cannot be opened from the inside. Put inside the box grains or the favorite food of the bird you want to catch. Put the water, leave it anywhere and check it from time to time If a bird gets inside it.

Hunting birds with a hunting rifle

It is a hunting rifle equipped with a group of small bullets fired in one shot and is characterized by its ability to hunt a group of birds if they are close to each other.

sticker method

This is done by placing an adhesive or glue in the place where the birds congregate, placing the grains on the adhesive, and when the bird comes to eat, sticking its paws with the glue.

Air trap method

The method of pneumatic trap is to make an air net, and it is placed between the trees so that the birds are caught and caught.


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