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Virus removal


Computers have a high efficiency to work, but viruses often enter the computer and spoil it, and viruses are transmitted to the computer because it is connected to a contaminated external device, or attached to the files that are downloaded, and in this article, we will talk about the virus that damages computers and affects them negatively. How to get rid of these viruses.

A virus is a programming language program that aims in its content to control the device, disable it, and destroy its programs, and it has the ability to copy itself, move from one device to another, and affect computer systems.

Virus removal

Types of computer viruses

Viruses are divided into the following types:

  • Macro virus: It is considered one of the most famous and latest types of viruses, as it invades the files of (office) programs.
  • Virus of the operating system: Such viruses are concentrated in the hard disk of the device, and when the process of running it is started, they reside in the memory to carry out the process of sabotaging the data.
  • Viruses with multiple transformative power (spoofers): They have an amazing ability to change their code, and thus affect program data. Hidden Viruses: Such viruses disguise an attempt to give a proper result for any examination or discovery of any type of virus, and they are concentrated in memory.
  • Multi-file virus. executable virus: found in executable program files such as 
  • Multitasking Viruses: This virus invades the operating system and program files at the same time. Operating Sector Virus: It is considered one of the worst types of viruses.
  • Sophisticated viruses: are those that have the ability to change their code when moving from one device file to another.
  • There are also other types such as the worm virus, the time bomb virus, and the Trojan horse virus. 

Virus damage to the computer

  • It makes the computer slow and limits its ability to speed up production. 
  • Low capacity of main memory and hard disk; This is due to the presence of viruses, and their occupation of a place in them.
  • Change the look of some icons.
  • Files become bloated because viruses are concentrated in them.
  • It is noticed that there are some unusual messages whose content is a call to use disks and programs periodically even though they are not used by the user.

Antivirus software

  • panda.
  • MacAfee.
  • Norton.

Reasons for the spread of viruses

  • The ability of viruses to move easily from one device to another is due to the ease of communication between them.
  • The ability to operate systems to operate on different types of computers.

Virus removal

  • Follow the latest news about viruses, and ways to prevent them.
  • Update the operating system periodically.
  • Make sure to check the laserdiscs that contain programs before starting the process of operating them, and through one of the protection programs.
  • Constant copying of data.
  • Avoid downloading any data from any website on the Internet.
  • Be careful not to open any file of unknown origin from various emails.
  • Insert a security program on your device and keep it up to date.
  • Check floppy disks and other media before transferring information and data from them, using an antivirus program.


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