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Inner energy exercises

Chinese yoga

Chinese monks developed physical exercises, methods of breathing, and meditation, improving physical health and spiritual well-being. Physical and psychological, body pain is relieved and healed, through body stretching exercises, different standing positions, and purposeful meditation, and Chinese yoga has three main goals, namely:

  • Increase the vital energy, which moves and circulates inside the body.
  • Recognize the subtleties of the body, breathing, and mind, and understand the relationship between them, and how to exploit this relationship.
  • Increasing flexibility and physical strength, and gaining smoothness and depth of breathing, to enhance all physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Inner energy exercises


Neigong practices through coordinating body movements with certain breathing techniques that increase the inner strength, by harmonizing the inner energy with the outer energy; Where it is possible to exploit the internal strength to reduce the impact of physical activities by reducing the effort to do them, focusing on the movement of joints, flexibility of the body, strengthening the skeleton, and increasing harmony in the movement of parts of the body together, as the Neigong exercise helps to stretch and expand the muscles of the body, contraction, and closure in a way Continuous, which makes the body agile enough to move very quickly, thus activating the various body systems to release their energy to get rid of toxins. There are some basic principles of the Neigong exercise:

  • Getting rid of stress caused by psychological or external causes is essential to improving health. Increasing self-awareness about the internal bodily structure of the body is important for improving health as well.
  • The body has something that can be described as an energy field, it is generated and saved by the natural breathing of the body, and this is according to the traditional Chinese belief known as “qi” (qi), and it is believed that “chi” is the life energy within each person, moving and flowing in the body and helping all organs The interior.
  • Sometimes giving up muscles when performing certain bodily techniques and positions.
  • The continuous feeling of the harmony of all the parts and parts of the body in one integrated and strong unit.
  • Harmony between good breathing techniques, and the development of inner peace and calm.

focus exercise

This exercise is by focusing on internal energy and liberating the mind from any thinking, by sitting in a comfortable place, breathing normally, focusing on inhalation and exhalation, and using the word “inhale” when entering air into the body, and the word “exhale” when removing air from the body. , and repeat it several times.

Increased sense of inner energy

It is possible to increase the feeling of inner energy by:

  • Listening well to others' feelings, supporting them, and understanding their needs.
  • Staying close to positive people and those your self favors.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Help others.
  • Define a life goal.
  • Slow down in everything.
  • Seek support from others.
  • Practicing activities that nourish the body, mind, and heart, such as healthy eating, sleeping, playing, and meditating.
  • Participation in meaningful community activities.
  • Accept reality and the truth as it is in a gentle way.


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