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How to protect from the dangers of the Internet

Protection from the dangers of the Internet

Avoid sharing personal information

One of the most important things that must be taken care of when using the Internet is to avoid posting personal information on social networking sites in the profile, including date of birth or place of residence.

How to protect from the dangers of the Internet
How to protect from the dangers of the Internet

Monitor financial movements

It is necessary to monitor the bank account and the private credit card on a weekly basis and to subscribe to the alert messages service, which is sent to the mobile phone or e-mail, to find out any unauthorized financial movement that may sometimes occur via the Internet.

Check your privacy settings

There are some tips that you should pay attention to regarding privacy settings, including:

  • It is necessary to change the privacy settings on social networking sites such as Facebook and make them for friends only, meaning that any information or anything published in the account is seen only by friends.
  • Keep the GPS turned off in the phone settings so that no one can know where the user is.


Care must be taken to use a different password for each account because using one password for all accounts facilitates the process of breach or theft to access all information at one time, and also not to allow anyone to use private passwords, and in the event of having to The password must be changed immediately afterward, as this can cause an unintended cyber-attack if the device is vulnerable to hacking. It is worth noting that it is always recommended to use passwords of at least eight characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols, and not to consist of words related to a person's name or date of birth, for example, as the easiest way for hackers to access most accounts is by exploiting weak passwords.

Beware of scam messages

Beware of spoof messages, which are messages that ask the user for private information about his bank account, or passwords, because banks do not ask to obtain personal information in this way, and to verify it, you must inquire from the bank directly, or delete the message.


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