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The most beautiful gardens in the world

 The park

The garden is a kindergarten containing a group of plants and trees and collected Gardens, caliph Abdul Rahman inside is the first to transfer the idea of gardens to the continent of Europe, and founded the first garden in the fifteenth century AD in France; by relying on the supervision and follow-up of Arab Andalusian experts, and the gardens have seen many developments that began with the cultivation of countries for their plants and local trees, and then became the use of countries plants and global trees, spread many distinctive gardens all over the world.

The most beautiful gardens in the world

The most beautiful gardens in the world

Every country in the world is interested in creating a group of its own gardens, so countries are keen to choose the best designs and types of plants and trees that help them to create gardens; which contributes to its classification among the most beautiful gardens in the world, and what comes information about a group of beautiful gardens scattered in the:

Tor Genji Park

It is a garden located in Italy, specifically within the town of Lucca, and represents a tower located in the middle of Lucca; which helps to see it from all sides, and the roof of this tower contains a collection of trees and green plants planted since the end of the fourteenth century AD.

U. building

It is a building designed in the form of a letter F, located in Darmstadt, one of the German cities, and has a beautiful garden dotted with herbs, plants, and trees, the building consists of 12 floors, and contains a cafe, and was completed in 2000.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

The garden of Cosmic Speculation was founded in 1989 in Scotland and named this name to reflect a miniature nature of cosmic beauty, and this garden was planted in the past with berries and vegetables and is the unique and only garden in the world that was founded based on ideas inspired by mathematics and science.

Keukenhof Park

Keukenhof garden is located in the Netherlands, specifically within a small town belonging to the Dutch city of Lesse, also known as the garden of Europe, and is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and the largest in size, the Keukenhof garden was founded in 1949, and planted every year about 7,000,000 flowers, the garden contains more than 100 types of lily flowers, and the number of about 4,500,000 flowers, and there are in the garden about 2,500 trees, and constitute about 87 species and more different tree species.

Botanico Di Curitiba Gardens

Botanico de Curitiba gardens are located within the state of Parana, specifically in the city of Curitiba, which is the largest city among the cities of southern Brazil, and these gardens were founded to resemble the gardens in France, and are considered one of the main tourist places in Brazil, and contain many lakes, waterfalls, and different tree species, and there are special places for the cultivation of tropical plants.

Gulf Gardens

It is a garden established in 2012 in Singapore, and has become one of the important areas of Tourism, and forms a tower up to 35 meters long, plants many plants, and contains the highest waterfall of water inside a building in the world, and surrounding the gardens a group of high trees in the form of an orchard.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is located in Japan and was founded in the Japanese capital Tokyo on the site of a temple destroyed in the nineteenth century AD during the outbreak of civil wars, Ueno Park is a green oasis where there are sakura trees, which number about 1,000 trees, the park also contains large areas, a group of museums, and a lake used by tourists for hiking in boats.

High Line park

Located in the United States, it is a section of a road once used for the New York City railroad, converted into a park in 2006, and also contains a 2.3 km long jogging and walking route, as well as views of the Hudson River.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park was founded in the city of Vancouver in Canada in 1888 and is one of the tourist places visited by residents of the city and tourists, the park overlooks the port of Vancouver, Stanley Park is a forest containing a group of green spaces and trees, and there are long poles named totem and placed in order to honor the first and original residents who lived in the park's territory in the past.

Kensington Roof Garden

Located in the London borough of Kensington within the territory of the United Kingdom, the park contains a collection of birds, palms, and trees, and was established between the years 1936-and 1938.

Central Park

Located in the United States of America, specifically within the city of New York in Manhattan, and containing a large collection of green spaces, water fountains, lakes of small size, and trees, the foundation of the park dates back to the nineteenth century AD and is the first park dedicated to individuals in the United States.

Luxembourg Gardens

The second-largest park in France and located in the French capital Paris, this park contains fruit orchards, extensive grass meadows, children's playgrounds, tennis courts, jogging tracks, and other facilities.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Gardens contain many species of plants, and were established to be public and recreational Gardens, The Orchid Garden is one of the distinctive Botanical Gardens in Singapore, and these gardens contain part of the Singapore rainforest.

Boquete Gardens

Located in New Zealand, Boquete Gardens contains Mount Egmont, a rainforest, and many distinctive plant species, such as camellias, rhododendrons, Magnolias, and many others.


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