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The most beautiful forests in the world

What is the forest?

The forest is one of the natural features that are spread in many parts of the world, and the forest forms a large area of a group of trees scattered on all its sides, as it contains many species of animals and plants, and each forest of the world is characterized by its own nature; which contributed to the spread of many forests different from each other in most countries of the world, both in terms of the quality of trees, plants, living organisms that live in them, the nature of its climate, and its diverse geographical terrain.

The most beautiful forests in the world
The most beautiful forests in the world

The most beautiful forests in the world

A group of forests spread around the world has its own charm and beauty, which contributes to providing the wonderful nature and distinctive green and water, wildlife, trees and shrubs of different shapes, and the atmosphere suitable for various tourist trips, giving it its own beauty, and the following is information about a group of the most beautiful forests in the world:

Bamboo forest

The bamboo forest in Japan, specifically in the area of Arashiyama district is one of the most beautiful forests in the world, it contains a group of gardens planted with bamboo trees; where ten species and more bamboo trees are scattered.

Amazon jungle

The Amazon forest is located within the territory of the South American continent, is ranked globally as the largest rainforest, and is characterized by containing a great wealth of flora and fauna, the territory of the Amazon forest covers about nine countries; an area of 5.5 million km2, and the Amazon forest still represents about half of the world's rainforest.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is located within the territory of the state of Germany, and the Romans called it the Black Forest; because of the blocking of the pine trees in the sun from its land; which led to its transformation into dark forests all the time even during the Times of day, and the Black Forest is also called Schwarzwald, and contains a valley called the Rhine Valley.

Belgrade forests

Belgrade forests are located within the Turkish territory, specifically in the city of Istanbul, and these forests are a major source of oxygen, and the area of Belgrade forests reaches 5300 hectares, contains 7 lakes, and is connected with the city of Istanbul with a set of bridges over the water, and about 700 thousand m2 for individual visitors to sit and picnic, and Belgrade forests contain ways to walk, practice various sports, cycling, and several cafes and restaurants.

Tambour Park

Taylor Park is located on the northern side of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and contains a group of forests of tropical nature and trees and plants diverse and different, and live in these forests have many living organisms; such as butterflies, insects, and animals, and also characterized by the presence of a lot of heights with limestone components, and a group of waterfalls located at an altitude of 100 m.these forests also provide tourists the ability to walk in narrow roads, climb the plateau to its top at a height of 350 m, and watch the caves in them.

Al Mamoura forest

Al Mamoura forest is located on the western side of the Moroccan capital Rabat, specifically on one of its hills, and is about 12 km away from the Moroccan city of Fez, and its geographical area reaches 133 thousand hectares and constitutes a group of oak trees about 63 thousand hectares of its area.

Jiuzhaigou forest

The Jiuzhaigou forest is geographically located in the people's Republic of China, specifically within a valley that covers the lakes and waterfalls that are characteristic of this forest, and is dotted with trees that grow according to a variety of heights, ranging from about 2000 M to 4500 m above sea level.

Bologna forest

The Bologna forest is a park located in France, specifically on the western side of the French capital Paris, and is characterized by providing tourists with many activities, such as: jogging around it, and walking applied by individuals of the population, and has pleasant weather, located inside the lake of lovers, and characterized by the passage of the river Seine in its land, and an area of 8.5 square kilometers.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is one of the natural attractions that attract tourists in England; because of its influence on the tale of Robin Hood, one of the heroes of folk tales, Sherwood Forest is visited by about 1,000,000 visitors to see the beauty of its trees, but it is classified as a small forest with an area of about 1.5 km2.

Tongas National Forest

The Tongass National Forest is the largest in the territory of the United States of America, located specifically in Alaska, and is cared for and inhabited by the indigenous people of Alaska.

Mossy forest

Mosi forest is located in Malaysia, and contains many fruit trees and green algae, making it one of the forests visited by tourists; to see the green tea Groves in it, they are keen to climb to a high peak called Gunung pinching.

Tamam Negara forest

The Tamam Negara forest is located in Malaysia, and is classified as an ancient rainforest on the surface of the globe; its estimated age reaches about 130,000,000 years, it is one of the Malaysian national parks, and is characterized by its biodiversity, where there are about 14,000 species of plants, about 240 species of trees that are classified as rare, and 400 species of animals, and walks in the middle of its territory is the river tumbling, and transportation in the Tamam Negara forest depends on the use of boats.


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