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What causes factory smoke?

Environmental pollution

With the scientific and industrial progress in the world, the continuous increase in the world’s population, and the increase in demand for various industries of all kinds, the planet has paid the price for that as it was exposed to the depletion of its natural resources, and the pollution of its water sources, which led in some countries to launch a state of extreme alert for pollution to reach Its highest degree, and some scientists have issued warnings of the approaching end of life on planet Earth due to the various human activities harmful to the planet.

Among the most important of these behaviors harmful to the planet is the increase in the number of factories and their spread, and the multiplicity of their fields to increase production, all of this led to an increase in environmental pollution, especially air pollution; The smoke and exhaust of factories all negatively affect the environment and its elements; Because it carries toxic substances and is dangerous to human health and other living organisms.

What causes factory smoke?
What causes factory smoke?

Factory smoke damage

The fumes of factories cause multiple damages to the environment, humans, and animals, and because of them there have been major environmental imbalances in the world, and they also led, directly and indirectly, to the death of many living creatures, including humans. Among the harmful effects of factory fumes are:

  • They cause various diseases in humans, such as asthma, respiratory infections, and lung cancers.
  • Soil pollution by acid rain results from the association of water molecules with toxic elements, such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur, which leads to soil poisoning and the killing of plants and microorganisms in it, which results in great harm to human food.
  • This puts the elements of the living and non-living environment at risk. The decay of the ozone layer protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, and this threatens living organisms on the planet with the spread of cancers resulting from the infiltration of these rays.
  • An increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere and an increase in the earth’s temperature, and this phenomenon is called global warming, which mainly causes a rise in the earth’s temperature above its natural temperature, which will lead to the melting of the ice poles and the sinking of the earth, and these gases trap carbon dioxide and ray Infrared in the earth to help increase the temperature of the earth.
  • Surface and groundwater pollution due to acid rain and factory residues, and the formation of black clouds that block the sun's rays, as happened in London. 
  • Extinction of some species of living organisms due to the threat to their habitat due to climatic changes such as air, water, and soil pollution.

The most dangerous factory gases

Carbon dioxide, CO 2 is one of the important gases on the planet; It enters the process of photosynthesis in plants, and its natural rate in the air is 400 parts per million, and this percentage is likely to increase significantly due to various human activities represented by factory fumes and burning fuel. In the event of an increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, then it becomes one of the most dangerous gases in the air on the environment, as it causes various respiratory diseases, and leads to an increase in the earth’s temperature, resulting in floods and drowning the land.

When carbon monoxide gas is dispersed more in the air, which is a gas resulting from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and factory gases, it will cause plants and trees to wither, the extinction of wild animals, and the spread of epidemics.

As for lead, its gases cause poisoning through its compounds, and if the skin absorbs it into the skin, it will negatively affect the human body, which may lead to death. Lead poisoning became widespread in the 1980s when the fuel still contained lead. The damage caused by air pollution must cause great economic damage; Livestock and plants are destroyed, and the costs of treating patients and using medicines and hospitals increase.

Factory problem solutions

The world and its leaders began to sense the dangers that affect life on Earth, caused by air pollution and global warming, so the countries of the world meet annually to discuss this issue in what is known as the Climate Summit. As for the solutions to this problem, they are possible and simple, including:

  • Reducing the number of factories as much as possible, especially the military factories that people do not need.
  • Removing factories from population centers, farms, nature reserves, and water sources.
  • Putting filters on factory chimneys to reduce as much as possible the emission of toxic gases.
  • Intensifying the process of planting trees to increase oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide.
  • Enact international and local laws to prevent factories and countries from releasing gases in excess of the daily permissible limit.
  • Spreading awareness of the dangers of global warming in schools, universities, and environmental associations.
  • Switching to alternative energy sources, such as wind and sun energy.
  • waste recycling and non-incineration; To reduce harmful emissions of these gases.

The environmental problem in China

One of the biggest examples of air pollution due to factory fumes is China; China is one of the largest industrialized countries in the world and its goods roam all over the world, but in return, China's air has been affected by the highest levels of pollution in the world, to the point that the daytime turns into complete darkness because of these fumes. In an American study, it was shown that the number of deaths in China is 4,400 people per day due to air pollution and respiratory diseases, as breathing Chinese air for one hour reduces the life span of a person by 20 minutes, which predicts the occurrence of a nearby environmental disaster in China, turning it into an environmental danger zone for all living organisms, and it is possible for any country to reach this state if the necessary measures are not taken to reduce pollution.


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