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what are the signs of mental health?

Psychological health

Mental health is one of the most important areas of interest in psychological studies and psychology, and it is the most interesting concept for people in general and psychologists and human sciences in particular.

The high level of individual aspirations led to an increase in the areas of competition, superiority, the emergence of conflicts, the quest for progress, and self-affirmation in light of the challenges faced by individuals, in addition to the emergence of conflicts of all kinds and differences in cultures and civilizations, and everything that increases the weight of the psychological burden on the self. This is an important indicator for seeking to achieve sound mental health and maintain its durability in light of various circumstances and events.

what are the signs of mental health?
what are the signs of mental health?

signs of mental health

When the individual has sound mental health; This is clearly reflected in all his interactions and responses to different stimuli, and the way he deals with unwanted circumstances and accidents, and the most prominent indications and manifestations of mental health are as follows:


It is a state of psychological stability in which the individual is compatible with himself and adapts to his level, capabilities, abilities, and self-efficiencies, and his awareness of the strengths and weaknesses that he enjoys, and the possibility of investing and benefiting from them as much as possible, thus achieving the principle of internal security and self-satisfaction and love, in addition to directing Controlling emotions and responses in different situations, and balanced self-esteem without exaggeration or contempt.

social compatibility

It is the monkey's ability to adapt well to the external environment in all social situations based on ways of interacting with others to establish different relationships in all social environments such as family, school, work, university, and others. And others around him are satisfied with dealing with him through cooperation, mutual respect, trust, tolerance, and flexibility.

Balance and maturity in emotions

Mentally healthy individuals are characterized by emotional balance, emotional and emotional stability, stability in self and social tendencies and trends, and maturity in the response mechanism to various stimuli. There is a state of balance between the intensity of the stimulus and the intensity of the response resulting from it, in addition to the ability to face different life circumstances and pressures, solve problems and treat them positively and constructively, confront frustration and acute crises with the least amount of negative psychological effects, and the ability to assume social responsibilities and take responsibility for the consequences about different self-behaviors.

success at work

Success is to excel in the professional and practical fields and to succeed in performing the tasks completed, and the individual’s appreciation of the general level of his personal abilities and competencies helps him to employ his skills in the appropriate place to be more efficient and effective, in addition to the constant striving to improve the career level and the individual’s choice of place for himself and appropriate professionals. In addition, failures in all practical and life fields are not met with frustration and withdrawal, and the choice of behavioral patterns and appropriate response in work situations and coexistence with the practical community.

Devotion to life and good manners

The individual is on the verge of loving life, enjoying the means of comfort and happiness available to him, and is positive in most cases, anticipating and optimistic about the good, as he is satisfied with all available material, personal and social capabilities, and the ability to adapt and adapt in various circumstances and situations that may be exposed It has the individual, welcomes new experiences and experiences, and loves to undertake them, in addition to being distinguished by a high degree of good manners, good qualities, avoiding sins and immoralities, and loving everyone around him.

Defining mental health

Definitions of mental health differed according to different schools of psychology and scholars. The most comprehensive definition was for the World Health Organization; Where mental health is defined as a state of healthy, healthy coexistence in all physical, psychological, and social aspects, and freedom from disability and mental and physical illness, and it can also be defined as a healthy positive interaction with the inner self and with the external environment, so it is the prevailing and relatively continuous condition for most individuals in most Sometimes, a feeling of inner and outer happiness prevails, and the rate of achievement and ambition rises, so he becomes a normal, good-natured individual.

Factors affecting mental health

The mental health of individuals is affected from the beginning of their physical, psychological, and social development by many external environmental or internal psychological factors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Family: The family is considered the primary environment for the child and the most influential in the future. Where scholars have agreed that the first five years of a child’s life are the basis for his personality, trends, and behavioral patterns, which will continue with him in his advanced stages of life. are abnormal, and suffer from some inconsistent behavior; As a result of acquiring some unwanted rules and patterns from the family; Excessive selfishness, lack of responsibility, and others.
  • School: the school is the official educational body or institution to which the child moves at a specific age, and the child goes to school equipped with basic psychological and social values, standards, and trends; Where the school works to expand the circle of what the child has acquired at home in an organized and deliberate manner, and in the school, the child interacts with his friends and teachers in the classroom environment, which in turn affects negatively and positively his mental health; A school environment that is characterized by discipline and order with freedom and democracy creates an individual that is supported by sound mental health more than an individual who grows up in a school environment characterized by chaos, lack of discipline and respect.


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