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Urgent: Cryptocurrencies gain 50 billion despite the stagnation of Bitcoin... Greed dissipates

Cryptocurrencies gain 50 billion despite Bitcoin's stagnation - The recession that gripped the most important cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum, seems to possess LED the cryptocurrency market to lose the greed that had been dominant traders. though the value of digital currencies has been hyperbolic within the past few hours, these rises came because of the less valuable altcoins.

Cryptocurrencies gain 50 billion despite Bitcoin stagnation
Urgent: Cryptocurrencies gain 50 billion despite the stagnation of Bitcoin... Greed dissipates

worry and greed

per the information of the Crypto worry & Greed Index, which measures the psychological science of traders in the crypto market, the index has lost a lot of points. throughout Thursday's trading, the Crypto worry & Greed Index fell from levels of greed to levels of hope.

The reading of the worry and greed index slashed within the past hours from the amount of fifty-six points to the levels of fifty-two points, whereas the index recorded, on Tuesday, the levels of sixty points.

the worth goes up

In contrast, the decline in the fear and greed index hyperbolic the value of the choice currencies, which gave the currency market nearly fifty billion bucks in the past hours.

The market value of the crypto market rose from levels close to 2.11 trillion bucks throughout mercantilism yesterday, Wednesday, to levels of 2.160 trillion dollars during trading today, Thursday.

Bitcoin currently

For the fourth consecutive day, Bitcoin is unable to maneuver far from its highest levels during this year 2022, because it continues to be oscillatory near the amount of forty-seven thousand dollars.

Currency market analysts believe that despite Bitcoin's inability to exceed the current levels, it should like a lot of input within the coming back hours and days.

However, Bitcoin remaining higher than the amount of forty-seven thousand bucks establishes necessary levels of psychological support, in light-weight of the soundness of mercantilism rates close to thirty billion dollars per day.

Bitcoin is slightly declining throughout these moments of trading Thursday, whereas it's trading at levels of $ 47.2 thousand, rising by 10% every week and by 9% during March, while declining by 1% since the start of the year.


In distinction to the marginal decline of Bitcoin, comes a restricted rise for Ethereum ETH/USD, which suffers from the stability of Bitcoin close to the amount of $ 3.4 thousand throughout the past four days.

Bitcoin rises during these moments of mercantilism today, Thursday, within the vary of 0.4%, reaching levels near 3.4 thousand dollars, whereas rising by over 12% inside a week.

Ethereum enlarged its gains within thirty days in the range of 17%, while Ethereum continues to be losing 10% since the start of the year, and its value is regarding 409 billion dollars.


Binance Coin BNB/USD, the third-largest digital currency, rose by 3% throughout nowadays' mercantilism, and by 9% during a week, whereas it was hyperbolic during March by regarding 8% and is trading close to levels of 445 dollars.

whereas Ripple Ripple XRP and Cardano rose by 1% during trading today and by 4% and 6% within a week, while the 2 currencies rose by 12% and 25% during trading in March.


In contrast, from the restricted rise of Ripple and Cardano, Solana shines with will increase of over 10%, whereas it rises by 27% every week and is mercantilism close to levels of 123 dollars.

The value of Solana currency jumped to regarding forty billion dollars while increasing by 27% throughout trading in March, however, it's still losing more than 31% since the start of this year.

Terra Roman deity LUNAt/USD is currently rising near its highs of 2% to $108, while it is up 13% during a week, 20% in March, and 18% since the beginning of the year.

Avalanche , Polkadot , DOGE/USD and SHIB / USD are up 8%, 4%, 2% and 2% respectively.

The article doesn't specify a recommendation or nomination, but rather a mere observance of market fluctuations, as mercantilism in digital currencies involves high risks, together with the danger of losing some or all of the investment amount, knowing that it's not utterly subject to monetary authorities and markets.


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