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Political science concept

policy concep

Politics is a word taken from the verb sass and sous, and technically defined as being based on the distribution of influence and power within the borders of a state, and taking care of the state's external and internal affairs, and David Easton defined it as (the division of resources in society through power).

political science

Political science is classified as one of the most important modern social sciences; Given its importance in many areas related to political stability and its role in the progress and development of peoples, the control and management of society, the economy of the individual and society as a whole, political science includes a group of different disciplines that deal with it from multiple angles as well, such as political theory, comparative politics, in addition to political philosophy. The United States of America is the leading country in this discipline, specifically since the end of the nineteenth century AD, when it began to develop and strengthen it, through the establishment of universities and institutes specialized in its teaching; With the aim of organizing human life in a way that guarantees happiness and peace at the same time.

political science concepts

The country's flag

This concept limits political science to the study of matters related to the state in terms of its origins and developments, in addition to its various powers; As a result of being influenced by Greek and Roman laws and philosophies, specifically laid down by Aristotle and Plato, they focused on the state in order to maintain its relevance to the period of its emergence, as it is the most modern form of human organization because it contains all citizens, and its monopoly on politics internally and externally.

the science of power

The organizational development and the emergence of democracy in societies helped the emergence of the modern school of political studies, which saw that politics is not science specific to the state; Rather, it is by force wherever it is and where it is found, and from here authority is defined as a relationship of power between two parties, one of whom is able to push the other to do or abstain from action.

decision-making process

This concept is strongly and closely linked with the modern school and adds clarity to it with a greater narrowing of the fields of study included in political science, as it focuses on the steps involved in the decision-making process, the institutions involved in this, the preferences, role, and backgrounds of leaders, in addition to the type of decision taken, in a political manner. dynamic and global.

aspects of politics

The concept of political science includes a set of definitions that include several aspects, the most important of which are:

  • Social relations include governance and authority, such as those between the ruler and the ruled, or the state's relationship with its neighbors, in addition to the relationship between the parties themselves, parties, and politics.
  • Studies related to the various political components of the state and government, such as the constitution, political parties, systems, and relations.
  • The job is related to political affairs and governance, such as the deputy, the president, or even the minister.
  • Different points of view are related to political issues.

From here we can say that the definition or concept of politics depends directly on the political context and the aspects that are discussed and deliberated.


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