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Where is California located?

California State

California is located in the United States of America, on the western coast overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

California is surrounded by a number of US states, from the north lies Oregon, to the east, and southeast the states of Nevada and Arizona, and to the south, the state of California shares its borders with the northwestern Mexican border, specifically with the state of Baja California of the State of Mexico.

Where is California located?

the cities

California includes eight cities that are classified as one of the most densely populated cities in the United States of America.

Then comes San Diego, then San Jose, then San Francisco, then Fresno, then Sacramento, then Long Beach, and finally Oakland, which ranked 44th in the country in terms of population density.


The California coast was discovered in the year one thousand five hundred and forty-two AD, by the European Juan Rodrigues Caprio, followed by Francis Drake in the year one thousand five hundred and seventy-nine AD.

The region was divided between two countries after the Mexican-American War ended in the mid-nineteenth century, and Mexico's share was re-divided into Lower California - that is, Baja California - and to Baja California, Sur, and the US state of California is called Upper California.


In the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight AD, the number of the Spanish-speaking population was estimated at about four thousand people, but after the discovery of gold in these lands, migrations to it began in succession, which helped to increase the number of its population, and their ethnic diversity.

The population of the state in the year two thousand and twelve was estimated at approximately thirty-eight million people.

In favor of whites, except for whites of the Hispanic race, as their proportion was estimated at forty-two percent of the total population.

As for the second place, it was for the Hispanic or Latin race, at a rate of approximately thirty-six percent, and then came in the other ranks of other important races, including the Asian race, blacks, multi-ethnics, and Native Americans, who occupied the bottom of the list with a rate of approximately one and two percent.


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