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The Lost City of Atlantis

Lost Atlantis

The legendary island of Atlantis, also known as Atlantica, is supposed to be one of the legendary islands located in the Atlantic Ocean region, notably on the western side of the Strait of Gibraltar, according to many definitions and perspectives. Around 2500 years ago, the myth of Atlantis spread, and it was used to allude to a society that possessed a set of superior achievements, whether in engineering, architecture, and buildings, military might, or natural resources. Another definition of Atlantis is a continent-sized region with numerous flora, animals, pure water, fertile land, and other attributes.

The Lost City of Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis, the lost metropolis

For many years, the story of Atlantis and its lost civilisation remained a part of the human imagination, with no information or historical or archaeological evidence. Critias, a Sufi, contributes to the conversation by talking about the city of Atlantis.

Description of the lost city of Atlantis

Plato was eager to provide a description of Atlantis, claiming that it is the best place for engineers and architects to live, as it contains a group of ports, temples, piers, and palaces, and that it was built on a hill surrounded by water in the form of a group of rings connected by tunnels, which contributed to allowing ships to sail in them, as these rings of water, with their connection, allowed ships to sail in them.

The Legend of the Lost City of Atlantis

The philosopher Plato writes that the Greek sea god Poseidon ruled the lost city of Atlantis, and that he used it to display his love for his wife by erecting a huge mansion for her on a hill in the middle of it. Plato also notes that the city's residents are engineers who have progressed and advanced technology that is superior to that of other global places. The inhabitants of the rich class's towns in Atlantis lived in the mountains. The deity Zeus' wrath will bring the mythology of Atlantis to a close, but not this time.

Theories about the lost city of Atlantis

Many hypotheses arose regarding the lost city of Atlantis, all of which sought to explain the city's disappearance and contribute to the creation of images of its shape and nature. The most important of these hypotheses is described in the following:

  • Atlantis was a continent: It is the notion that Atlantis was a continent that arose in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was suddenly sunk. The author Ignatius Donnelly's book "Atlantis - A World Before the Flood" takes us back to the tenth century AD. The author linked the presence of a civilization with an advanced environment to the achievements that occurred in the ancient world, and the book contained a dispute concerning them. The rocks at the Strait of Gibraltar are the location mentioned by Plato in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Atlantis disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle: a notion based on the writer Donnelly's ideas; As many authors were eager to expand the study and establishment of theories and predictions about the location of Atlantis, the most important of those writers was Charles Berlitz, who wrote many books about phenomena and supernatural events, and one of the predictions Berlitz referred to was that Atlantis actually existed, and it was one of the continents located opposite The Bahamas, but it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, and some people who support this theocracy believe that Atlantis actually existed, and it is one of the continents located opposite
  • Atlantis is Antarctica: It is the theory that Atlantis is only a developed image of Antarctica at the present time, and it was first proposed by Charles Hubbard in his book "The Transforming Crust of the Earth" published in 1958 AD; Habod believes that the Earth's crust underwent a transformation about 12,000 years ago, as a result of which the location of Antarctica changed from its current location to a very remote location, and that this continent was the site of omens.
  • Legendary novel: It is the theory that the city of Atlantis is a fictional place, but the story of its destruction is based on a historical event and is related to a flood that afflicted the Black Sea around the year 5600 BC, and the Black Sea at the time was a lake that now forms a lake half its current size and spread many civilizations around it that faced floods caused by seawater.
  • The Minoan civilization is Atlantis: It is a belief that Atlantis was the Minoan civilization that lived between 1600 and 2500 BC. It is a civilization that originated on the Greek islands of Terra and Crete. This was the first civilisation on the European continent, and it had many gorgeous roads and buildings..
  • Plato's invention of Atlantis: It is the hypothesis that connects Plato with his creation of the city of Atlantis; that is, it did not exist but appeared as a result of Plato's ideas, and that the Platonic claims of Atlantis' existence are nothing more than a fantasy.


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