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Sociology goals


Sociology is the science that deals with the study of social phenomena, systems, and relations in a precise analytical and descriptive manner by following different research methods, with the aim of arriving at the rules and laws that govern the conduct of these phenomena and social relations.

This science is also concerned with understanding the nature of the various social realities so that this society can draw strategic plans, set goals, and programs that will work to increase the progress, elevation, and development of society, and in this article, we will introduce you to the most important goals that this science is concerned with.

Sociology goals

  • A study of the general principles and pillars of social life.
  • Study patterns of human social behavior and know its effects on the individual and society.
  • A detailed study and analysis of the parts of the social structure; The reason for this is that all other political, economic, and educational institutions are affected by the prevailing social system.
  • Knowing the laws of social transformation, which are laws that aim to study the foundations and rules that society must follow to make a qualitative shift in the state of society.
  • Diagnose the various social problems that society suffers from, address them, and develop multiple plans to address them. Highlight the correct social concepts, and work to correct misconceptions related to social life.
  • Highlight the correct social concepts, and work to correct misconceptions related to social life. 
  • Laying the foundations of an ideal society.
  • Introducing the various social institutions that serve the community.
  • Clarify the concept of social unity and urge society to realize this concept.
  • The study of social relationships between individuals.
  • Develop different social theories.

The fields of sociology and its branches

Sociology has been divided into several sections, as they differ from one world to another, and the following are the sections of this science according to his opinion:

The opinion of Auguste Comte

  • Social stability (static) or what is known as a social construction, is the section that aims to study social systems and phenomena in society and in a specific period of time, provided that this society is stable and free from problems or disturbances.
  • Social dynamics (evolutionary) or what is known as social change, is the section that aims to study the phenomena of social development and change and the laws of social movement.

Ibn Khaldun's opinion

  • Social morphology is the section concerned with the study of the environment, gender, and geographical phenomena that affect urban life. 
  • The origins of civics is the section concerned with studying the Bedouin, urban, and civic life in a society. 
  • The population is the section concerned with studying the distribution of individuals over the area and the various phenomena related to population density. Research in urban systems deals with the study of different social systems, such as the political, economic, environmental, moral, religious, and family systems.


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